When the Bar is So Low …

I just came from a meeting that could have been finished in a quarter of the allotted time. Max. But what is sad is that no one seems to have even noticed. As the newest member of the group, I listened and waited for something to happen. It didn’t.

Granted this was a BOD committee meeting, which means there was a social and networking component. But that didn’t really happen either. How could all these powerful and accomplished people sit there and do so little? Are they so conditioned to standing still in meetings that they can’t recognize it? Have they given up? At least when people complain, you know they care.

If your employees are complaining about wasteful and ineffective meetings, seize the day!

If they aren’t, maybe the bar has sunk so low you should insist on meetings without lights so people could at least get some sleep.

Wake up! Raise the bar! Don’t let 20, 30, or 50% of your organization’s resources be devoted to standing, or sitting, still.

If you would like to turn your meetings upside down, make better use of your resources, and save free up numerous hours of company time, give me a call!

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