What You Need to Know About the House Down My Street

There is a house down the street that the owners are renovating. They apparently have the:

  • Desire
  • Capability

They will likely:

  • Save money


  • They will be at it many times longer than had they hired someone with the time and expertise to get the job done

If that is the way you want to live, I’m all for it.

However, if that is the way you run your business, think again.

Do you have the desire to do-it-yourself?

Many companies do. Unfortunately, wishful thinking and action are two entirely different beasts.

Do you have the capability?

Keep in mind that capability isn’t just about skill. You also have to have the time and the bandwidth. Your people likely have day jobs that already take more than 8 hours a day. Can they really handle a new “priority” and give it the focus it deserves?

Do you think you will save money?

If DIY home renovations have you tripping over boxes and displaced furniture while trying to get to the refrigerator that is temporarily in the living room, the cost is personal time and frustration. Dragged out DIY clutter and confusion in the workplace can be measured in lost productivity, mistakes, and resignations. It is almost always less costly to hire an expert.

Can you afford to be slow?

Once you’ve identified an important initiative, which presumably is expected to have a dramatic impact on your business, why would you want to be slow? You could miss the boat entirely. At the very least, you will delay the desired benefits. Speed matters in business!

Years ago, when I was working as a software engineer, I remember being hired by a company that took the DIY path. They set the budget at $10M. When expenses hit $100M, they hired us.

Leave DIY initiatives to home owners who like to putter. If you want results, hire an expert resource who will make it their priority to do the job quickly and well.

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