The Cost of Disclarity

Are your employees spending the majority of their time re-making decisions, waiting for others, managing email, and sitting in meetings?

If you don’t think so, think again. On average, employees spend 34% of their time in meetings. Some spend far more.

Another 23% is spent reading, writing, and deleting email.

That adds up to 57% and we haven’t considered activities such as waiting for others and rehashing decisions that have supposedly been made already. And how about time spent over-producing and exceeding requirements? Or chasing wild geese thanks to vague requests? Or leaping to “solutions” and then implementing those non-solutions? Managing by consensus? Avoiding conflict? I could go on.

None of these activities add value for which customers are willing to pay! But they do consume an enormous portion of your workforce.

Based on my own studies, studies done by my clients, and other reputable sources, I wouldn’t be surprised if your non-production employees spend only 10% of their time creating value for which customers are willing to pay.

The root cause of all this wasted time is disclarity – a lack clarity about exactly what needs to be done, how, and by whom.

With clarity, meetings are cut by at least 75%. Email is reduced dramatically. Vague requests and wild goose chases are eliminated. Decisions are made more quickly and without second-guessing. Commitment is sought instead of consensus. And all employees are able to contribute more effectively at every step and with a greater sense of accomplishment.

What percentage of total employee time is spent creating value for which customers eagerly pay at your company? What is the cost of disclarity at your company?

I can show you the cost and the solutions. What are you waiting for? 617-939-9654.

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