Repetition Won’t Fix It!

An executive I know recently asked me for advice about what to do when colleagues just don’t get it. Then he explained to me what it was they just couldn’t get.

"Are you listening"

I asked what the other two people thought should be done instead. He didn’t know and explained once again what they just couldn’t get.

I asked if he respected the other two. “Very much,” he said.

“Then why aren’t you listening to them instead of repeating what you think they just can’t get?”

Clarity is critical and it is great if you are clear and determined. However, it doesn’t matter how clear you are about next steps if those steps require support from others who find them misguided or uncomfortable.

When someone just doesn’t get it, it’s time for you to listen. Repetition won’t convince them or make them “get it,” it will only wear them out and convince them that you don’t get it.

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