As online shopping has taken over, so have the porch pirates. The losses and inconvenience are adding up.

Amazon wants to rectify the situation by gaining access to your home instead of leaving packages on your porch. Nice try, Amazon. But why would I pay you big bucks to let you into my house when no one is home, especially when some of your drivers have proven to be among the pirates?

Others are producing booby-trapped boxes that explode loudly, although gently, in the faces of the thieves. This makes for good YouTube videos, but I question whether it will ever be a profitable solution.

Nonetheless, I am certain we will see a much better solution in time for the holidays next year, if not sooner.

Opportunites like this are all around you. Get out of the daily grind. Talk to your customers. Stay on top of changes and trends. Mine the fresh perspectives of new employees. Unleash the creativity of all employees. Copy the best methods of your competitors.

The opportunities are there. But first, you have to take the time to see them!

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