My newest book, The Clarity Papers, has arrived!

The Clarity Papers: The Executive's Guide to Clear Thinking and Better, Faster Results

The Clarity Papers: The Executive’s Guide to Clear Thinking and Better, Faster Results

Remember when Bambi was born and Thumper was jumping around yelling, “It’s happened! It’s happened! The new prince is born!”?

Well, that pretty much describes the way I’ve been feeling the last few days and I’m really excited to share my news.

No fawn, unfortunately, more like a dawn! My newest book, The Clarity Papers, has arrived! Furthermore, the Kindle version will be available for free tomorrow, January 24th, through Friday this week. I’ll post a reminder tomorrow morning with the link so you don’t forget.

What’s The Clarity Papers about?

Clarity, of course! Without it, we walk around the block to get next door, sabotage perfectly good strategy, erode profit, and thwart innovation.

Most leaders believe they have clarity themselves and in their organization, but how do you know for sure? The Clarity Papers, a series of standalone, thematically related papers, will help you determine if a lack of clarity is standing between you and greater success. It also provides specific techniques for creating strategic clarity from the top of your organization to the bottom.

Disclarity is ubiquitous. For over a decade, I have been bringing the Power of Clarity to my clients, who represent more than 40 industries. They benefit, top to bottom, from strategic clarity and the increased speed of implementation, employee engagement, innovation, and profit that more easily follow.

And now I have compiled all of my secrets into one book, The Clarity Papers. I hope you will check it out. I think you will like it.

A few people who have read it already have this to say:

“Like the Physician’s Desk Reference – except for executives… or those wanting to become executives. Read it for insight (like creating a high-performance culture) or scan it and keep at your fingertips for when you’re stuck (like gaining alignment on a messy decision). It’s part inspiration, part insight, part handbook, and completely usable every day.”
– Jane Lansing, VP Marketing, Emerson Automation Solutions

“Fearlessly undermines conventional wisdom to show you how to make better decisions, motivate your people, and find your way in competitive markets.”
– Perry Walraven, CEO and President, Performance Controls, Inc., a subsidiary of Hitachi Ltd

“Compelling, immediately useful – this book holds the key to simplifying complex situations, eliciting clear ideas from your team, and reaching consensus around smart decisions.”
– Ezio Basso, Managing Director, Prima Industrie S.p.A., Italy

If you read The Clarity Papers, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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