My New Year’s Wish For You

My top wish for you this year is Clarityrural roads of Purpose. Because everything hinges on that.

Clarity of Purpose shrinks your list of priorities to real priorities, improves your ability to focus, reveals the shortest path to your destination, boosts your sense of commitment, and increases the odds that you will accomplish the tasks most essential to your success.

Clarity of Purpose starts with big goals for a New Year. What top few accomplishments will have the greatest impact on your future?

However, Clarity of Purpose is more than just big goals. To make serious progress of any kind, you need to advance toward each goal one concrete step at a time. And, given the abundance of potential distractions and detours, including those you create for yourself, you need laser-like focus. What must be different at the end of this time period? When you know specifically what must be different at the end of the hour, you empower the hour. When you aren’t clear about the next outcome, you wander around and the hours slip away. Empower each hour that you work so you take the others off to enjoy friends, family, food, sleep and exercise.

Wishing you a New Year that surpasses all others in health, happiness, and professional success!

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