Latham speaks on “The Next Great Wave of Accelerating Productivity,” January 2013

Easthampton, MA – Ann Latham has been invited to speak at the Joint Professional Development Meeting of the Association for Operations Management of Western Mass and The Purchasing Management Association of Western New England on January 15, 2013. She will talk about the next great wave of productivity improvement: creating the clarity that simplifies, that improves and speeds decisions, and that allows employees to work together smoothly, quickly, and confidently without backtracking or wheel spinning. For complete information, visit

Ann Latham is an expert in creating clarity. She creates clarity as a consultant, coach, facilitator, writer, and speaker. Her clients range from Hitachi to Smith College to Public Television of Western New England to the local Chamber of Commerce. Her expertie has been sought by many publications including The New York Times, Forbes, BusinessWeek, and Inc. Her value-packed and entertaining presentations, whether to small CEO roundtables, students of organizational behavior, or large business gatherings, inevitably garner enthusiastic reviews along with statements of “she really is uncommonly clear.” Or as Alan G. Robinson, Isenberg School of Management and author of Ideas Are Free said, “Ann Latham is one of the best business speakers I have heard. She is very experienced, the quality of her thinking is extremely high, and she knows how to deliver her message in an entertaining, concise, and convincing way.”

Ann is a resident of Westhampton, Massachusetts, where she lives with her husband.

January 2013

Ann Latham
Uncommon Clarity, Inc.

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