“I’ve Got Great Stuff. Want Some?”

I worked too hard in 2014. GREAT STUFF!

So my goal for 2015 is to relax a bit and have more fun. To do that, I am going back to the basics. Kind of like the Bruins. If you do the right things really well and consistently, success follows. It certainly is working for the Bruins!

Thus, I’ve established my CA (chief attitude) for 2015:

“I’ve got great stuff; want some?”

When I share this statement with clients, peers, and other business owners, the reaction is stunned silence. For two reasons. Because there are two types of stunned listeners.

1. Those who also have great stuff to offer see immediately that this attitude is incredibly freeing. And it encourages some really important behaviors:

  • Focusing your time and energy on sharing the value you provide.
  • Walking away easily from prospects who aren’t ready to engage.
  • Examining all your activities relative to whether they increase your visibility, credibility, relationships, and ability to deliver great results – all with and for the right people.
  • Avoiding time-consuming projects, such as new websites and comprehensive social media efforts, without understanding how they might affect your market, their needs, and their decision process.
  • Working with your customers to develop new and valuable offerings, rather than developing products in isolation with the hope that they will storm the world.
  • Taking yourself less seriously so you can be quick to laugh, smile, inquire, and see your customers’ challenges in innovative ways.

In short, this attitude focuses energy and time on the right things while keeping your attitude positive.

2. Then there is the second group. Those who aren’t confident they have “great stuff” to offer. These people constantly seek substitutes for bonafide value – credentials and noise. They push too hard. They run in many directions fishing for something that might work. The desperation shows on their faces. And they are constantly worried they will be revealed as frauds, whether or not they really are.

If you aren’t confident in the value of your products and services, an attitude such as “I’ve got great stuff; want some?” is a very scary proposition!

Businesswoman with thumbs up, over greyMy advice for the first type: relax, speak with confidence, and concentrate on sharing your value.

My advice for the second type: revisit your value proposition. What can you do extremely well, for whom, and in a way that the ROI works out well for both you and your customers?

Meanwhile, I’ve got great stuff! Want some?

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