How To Be Unstoppable

She was on top of the world. New job. Big raise. Exciting challenges. The kind of woman who lets nothing get in her way.

Next thing she knew, she was doubting her capabilities. The staff was so lean, everyone worked endless hours. When she made a suggestion for improvements, she was given instant responsibility for making it happen. Resources were scarce and demands were huge. Progress was disappointing. She started to question whether her colleagues and boss were on her side. It just didn’t seem she could win. She blamed the culture. She blamed her boss. She felt inadequate. She started to duck her head.

So what happened? Was the culture the problem? Was her boss undermining her confidence? Was she unprepared for the position?

Maybe. But that’s not the point. The biggest problem was that she had slipped into victimhood. No longer the unstoppable woman, she became a victim of a bad culture, a difficult boss, questionable colleagues, and too much to do. She was surrounded by reasons she could not succeed and it was making her miserable.

Once you start thinking like a victim, like you have no control, it can be hard to escape. But remember these four facts:

  1. Things are what they are.
  2. Complaining and wishing things were different accomplishes nothing.
  3. You always have choices.
  4. It is your responsibility to identify the choices and choose.

Kiss victimhood goodbye! Embrace these simple facts and you can be unstoppable.

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