Faster Than A Speeding Bullet … Clarity Empowers!

Clarity empowers. Do you even need to be convinced?Superhero business man flying with jet pack rocket above the cit

Let’s start with only one dimension of clarity – Clarity of Purpose.

Isn’t it obvious that when people know exactly what they need to achieve, they are more likely to be successful? If they know what “done” looks like?

Let me give you a few examples where a lack of clarity undermined results, productivity, and morale.

A coaching client of mine recently bemoaned the fact that he had been waiting three weeks for feedback on his marketing plan from his vice president. I asked him what he had asked for. He had asked her to review the plan. I asked him what he needed. He needed approval to implement. He hadn’t asked for what he needed! The next day he asked for approval and she said yes. A little clarity would have saved three weeks! And both my client and his VP would have been empowered by that clarity!

Another client was asked by his supervisor to “look into” the idea of supplying airports with branded hand sanitizers. Eager to impress, he and his team mobilized. They visited the closest airport, checked out the competition, called suppliers, estimated upfront and maintenance costs, and assembled a complete recommendation for scrutiny by the executive team. Rather than being impressed, his boss was furious. All he really wanted was a gut reaction within about 10 minutes, not a multi-week project consuming an entire team! How do you think my client felt? Empowered? Not by a long shot. The boss’ lack of clarity left him feeling embarrassed and upset. On top of that, he had wasted tremendous time.

In both of these examples, the demoralizing, productivity-robbing culprit was a simple lack of clarity.

Picture yourself in each of these situations. First, with the fog, and second, with a clear purpose. Can you feel the difference? Can you also see why each occurred?

What vague requests have you made lately that left others up the creek without a clear purpose?

Starting today, empower others with clarity of purpose. Be sure they know what “done” looks like – how fast, how far, and how well. And be sure they know why they are doing what they are doing so they can make smart choices along the way.

Clarity empowers! Are you convinced?

If not, stay tuned for additional dimensions of clarity and it power!

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