Exhibit A – Evidence of Confusion

The deadly earnest executive team talked while I awaited my piece of the agenda. Five minutes in, I interrupted. “Do you have any idea how many different topics you are discussing? How many decisions you are trying to make?” They were incredulous, insulted, irritated, but silent. From the notes I’d been taking, I listed the five decisions and two plans under discussion. Irritation was quickly replaced with recognition, which was just as quickly replaced with new energy.
The clarity I created by enumerating the seven topics instantly paved the way for rapid progress. The order in which those decisions needed to be made was now quite obvious, each discrete decision was relatively easy, and both plans obviously needed to be postponed until some of these decisions were in place. 
Clarity creates breakthroughs in speed, quality of results, commitment, and confidence. Unfortunately, clarity is rare. I have repeated this experiment countless times with equivalent levels of shock and acceleration of progress. Try it yourself. The next time you are in a meeting, make a note of the number of topics under discussion. 

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