Have You Ever Rented a Wine Glass?

The street carts in Ljubljana’s Public Market serve up a gourmet feast of Argentinian beef, Slovenian pastries, grilled vegetables, crazy pancakes, and more. Too bad you can’t enjoy them all with a nice glass of wine.

But you can! And not in those goofy plastic cups either. In Ljubljana, one enterprising wine cart rents gorgeous wine glasses! You pay an extra 5 euros for your first glass of wine and get your money back at the end of the evening if you return your glass in one piece. It’s a wonderful service!

Meanwhile, this vendor breaks even on the cost of glasses and ensures you buy at least one glass of his wine before tasting that of his competitors. He picked a traditional short-coming and removed it, creating delighted customers who linger in the moonlight, snacking and sipping until closing.

What are the missing links for your customers? What convenience or pleasure or success has business-as-usual prevented you from providing your customers? Walk in their shoes from start to finish. When do they need to rent a wine glass?

Need help walking in your customers’ shoes and finding opportunities? I can help. It all starts with clarity: 617-939-9654.

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