Don’t Get Stuck Like These Guys!

I am frequently contacted by long-time readers of my Clear Thoughts™ newsletter wishing I could help their organizations. This just happened several times in the past few weeks and in each case, the situation was the same:

  • The loyal reader would love to hire me but doesn’t have the authority
  • The person with the authority has never heard of me and doesn’t think a consultant is the answer
  • The  reader has generously shared my newsletters with direct reports and peers
  • The  reader has never shared upwards

This leaves the  reader feeling frustrated beyond belief and wondering how to get the boss to give me a call.

Here is what you can do to prevent this from happening to you! 

If what you read here is valuable and relevant to your organization, now is the time to start sharing the value with those with the authority to make changes. There is no reason to wait. Here are some specific approaches you might want to consider:

  • Pass on a relevant edition of Clear Thoughts™ with words such as, “I’ve been reading this newsletter for some time and I think you would find it interesting.” You might not want to choose one that is so relevant that it is construed as a pointed and not-so-veiled message. And then send additional editions regularly so they gain no “special meaning.”
  • Volunteer to bring one valuable tip that you find in my Clear Thoughts newsletter to each staff meeting. Share the idea and follow-up with paper copies or a link to the on-line edition.
  • Suggest relevant articles be reprinted in the company newsletter. Just have someone let me know and include my byline, copyright notice, and website link.
  • Give a copy of one of my books to those above and around you. When others have done this, many of those bosses have been so pleased they have turned around and purchased copies for the entire staff.
  • Suggest to your boss that they consider having me provide a workshop tailored to specific company needs.
  • Find a particularly appropriate article, publication, or video on my website and either print copies or email a link to those you think might benefit.
  • Tell your boss what you most value about my Clear Thoughts™ newsletter and suggest signing up.
  • Ask your boss if you can share his or her contact information with me so that a simple introductory call is possible.
  • Send me an email, tell me why you think I can help, and provide the information I need to make the contact.

I am sure you can think of other approaches. Just remember, you are doing your organization a favor! And if you start now, you won’t have to regret not doing it later like those who’ve been contacting me lately.

If you are reading this, but aren’t receiving my Clear Thoughts™ newsletter, you can easily rectify that situation by signing up right now!

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