Developmental Opportunities with Ann Latham

Executive Coaching and Advisory

It’s tough to grow when you are coaching, problem solvingbreathing your own exhaust, getting little useful push back, and don’t know what you don’t know. Ann creates clarity, challenges assumptions, and provides forthright feedback. You accomplish more, faster, and with greater confidence and success. Executives eager to achieve greater individual performance will find in Ann the right mix of wisdom, patience, and candid persistence to help them get where they need to go.

“Ann is an invaluable executive coach. She is a quick, honest, and insightful partner. I have learned as much from her about focused, action-oriented leadership in two months as in a decade of first-hand experience. Ann elevated my awareness of strategy, planning, and execution in ways that immediately impacted my work. I can’t recommend Ann more highly.”

– John Bidwell, Director, Marketing & Digital Strategy, Baystate Health

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