Clearly, You Can’t Do Nothing!

The wraps are coming off the incredibly ubiquitous attitudes, habits, and behaviors involving sexual harassment. #MeToo tags echoing across social media should leave no doubt that pretty much every woman has been negatively affected. It’s hard for me to believe this is news to anyone, but apparently, it is. In which case, it is high time!

So what does this mean for your company?

  1. Sexual harassment is alive and well in your facilities. Guaranteed.
  2. You absolutely can’t ignore it.
  3. You need to increase awareness. Too many people still don’t recognize their inappropriate behaviors.
  4. You need a zero-tolerance policy for sexual harassment. If you are afraid there is too much gray area to make this possible, go back to Step #3, do not pass go, do not collect any bonuses.
  5. You need to foster a culture that intervenes. A silent witness is a collaborator. No one should tolerate abuses of power or sexual harassment. This means you also have to be sure people know how to intervene!
  6. I’m not an expert on this kind of training, but I am an expert on change and can help you figure out where things stand in your organization and what you need to do.
  7. Don’t just sign everyone up for classes so you can check this one off your list.

I might be able to help but won’t know until we talk. Give me a call. 617-939-9654.

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