Clarity Quiz – Where Would You Hide an Elephant?

Welcome to the Clarity Quiz!

Before reading any farther, jot down your answer to this question:

Where Would You Hide An Elephant?

You might be surprised to know that your response says something about your clarity!


Your response may show your pragmatism:

  • In a zoo
  • In a circus
  • In the jungle

Those are reasonable places to put an elephant, but … you don’t get any points for clarity.

Your response may have demonstrated your creativity:

  • Under a whale
  • In the middle of the room where no one will see it or dare to talk about it
  • In a glacier

If you are really creative, your answer was probably a lot better than these examples! But … you don’t get any points clarity.

Or perhaps you responded with one or more of the following questions:

  • Why would you want to hide an elephant?
  • From whom would you like to hide it?
  • What is your budget?
  • How long does it have to stay hidden?

Give yourself 3 points for the first question and 2 additional points for every other relevant question.

Volunteering one alternative, no matter how seemingly practical or creative, is still just one alternative. You simply don’t have enough information to make that decision. Until you clarify the decision criteria -the objectives, priorities, and limitations – you could completely miss the mark.

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