Clarity Quiz – What Is The Best Way To Create Commitment?

What is the best way to create commitment?

  1. Invite everyone to frequent communications meeting.
  2. Make sure everyone feels heard.
  3. Launch initiatives with great enthusiasm.
  4. Collect ideas from lots of employees.
  5. Develop an employee engagement program.
  6. All of the above.
  7. None of the above.

Make your choice and then see if you are correct!


Did you choose number 7? If so, great job! Communications meetings can play a role, but they aren’t nearly enough. Making people feel they’ve been heard is called manipulation. Fanfare might work for new employees, but chances are previous fanfare has made skeptics of those who’ve been around a while. Collecting lots of ideas can do more damage than good, unless you implement a good number of those ideas. You already know what I think of employee engagement programs from 10 Reasons Your Employee Engagement Program Is Hurting Your Company!

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