Brilliant Growth Strategy!

Now here is a brilliant growth strategy for the auto industry:

Despite Risks, Internet Creeps Onto Car Dashboards

If you help drivers crash more cars, you can sell more cars! What could be better?!

And with any luck, all those air bags and other safety devices that you’ve concentrated on in the past will prevent you from killing off your entire market.

Has anyone stopped to really picture the risks? Are the risks unlikely? This feature will not be limited to passengers and drivers in parked or fully stopped cars. If you think otherwise, I’d like to sell you a bridge. 

Are the risks trivial? A car flying down the highway essentially without a driver is not just a pesky little matter, it is a weapon of mass destruction.

Pretending that self-discipline will rule when providing a device that caters completely to instant gratification is akin to believing that Santa Claus and his old-fashioned sleigh could deliver ice cream in July.

Pursuing profits is one thing. Killing your customers and innocent bystanders and creating a devastating legacy ought to be something else.

I’m an optimist though. After you spend good money developing and marketing your new toy car, it will either be outlawed or you will be sued to the hilt by people injured by your killing machines. Like providing alcohol to a minor, I think this crime will also come home to roost.

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