Are You Clarity Blind?

I know few companies that would tolerate frequent disruptions to a production processes. So why do most companies tolerate daily disruptions to their thought and communication processes? Why do they put up with cumbersome decision-making, confusing roles and responsibilities, lengthy and worthless meetings, and much, much more on a daily basis? color-blindness-test

Because they can’t see what they can’t see. They are clarity blind. Clarity blindness prevents you from seeing the 74 sources of fog and confusion that are crippling your productivity. It leads you to accept as unavoidable the ubiquitous complaints that everything takes longer than it should because you can’t see the common thread – the lack of clarity – that is swallowing up your time, profits, and opportunities.

When I am clear about my message, I can write with ease and speed. When I am unclear, I get stuck and circle back and around multiple times.

When I am clear about what needs to be accomplished, I know exactly what to do and I make it happen. When I am unclear, I “wander” in, or not. I may check my email instead. Time slips by and I can’t honestly say I’ve begun.

When I am clear about my deadline, I am disciplined, determined, and fast. When I am unclear, tasks expand to fill all available time.

When I am clear about my objectives, I am articulate, persuasive, and helpful. When I am unclear, I am silent.

These statements likely apply to you and many of your employees, except maybe the silent part. Some people talk regardless of the circumstances.  But you don’t have to be clarity blind. The first step is recognizing the confusion, delays, and circles. You must start seeing the hours sucked up by a lack of clarity. You must be able to distinguish between focused conversations and productive conversations, between sloppy thought processes and crisp discernible progress, between inputs and outputs, and between talk and communication.

Once you start seeing the confusion, you can begin to eliminate it. If you are the boss, you can raise the bar and get the help you need to create an organization that isn’t clarity blind. If you aren’t the boss, you can still make a dent by asking clarifying questions such as:

  • What are we trying to accomplish?
  • How will we know if we are successful?
  • Why are we doing this?
  • What will be different when this meeting ends?
  • What exactly do you expect of me and when do you expect it?
  • What specifically did I do and why was that a problem?

Clarity is the difference-maker. Clarity reveals the shortest, fastest path to better results,  greater confidence, and strong commitment. What would that be worth to you? It could be worth millions!

Ready to raise the bar? Wandering if you are clarity blind? Get in touch with me today.

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