Dear Friends

When talking with a long-term client last week, I mentioned that I was flying to Philadelphia for the day to meet a coaching client. She expressed surprise because she didn’t know I did executive coaching. Shame on me! How can I let my clients not know all that I offer!Depositphotos_48937775_s-2015

What about you, dear readers! Do you know that I do executive coaching?

“Ann is an invaluable executive coach. She is a quick, honest, and insightful partner. I have learned as much from her about focused, action-oriented leadership in two months as in a decade of first-hand experience.” 

– John Bidwell, Director, Marketing & Digital Strategy, Baystate Health

Do you also know that I speak to a wide range of audiences with the goal of helping them make immediate improvements?

“Ann Latham is one of the best business speakers I have heard. She is very experienced, the quality of her thinking is extremely high, and she knows how to deliver her message in an entertaining, concise, and convincing way.”

– Dr. Alan G. Robinson, Author: Corporate Creativity: How Innovation & Improvement Actually Happen, Isenberg School of Management

That I’m a master facilitator who frequently leads groups to eye-opening strategic plans or out of sensitive and complex situations?

“Ann is simply outstanding at moving a group to a strong conclusion.”

– Chuck McCullagh, CFO, The Williston Northampton School 

” ‘Wow’ sums it up nicely. Ann stepped into a delicate, sensitive situation involving a diverse, disjointed group of people with a challenging objective and, in remarkably little time, moved us to a solid, shared conclusion.”

– John Heaps, President, Florence Savings Bank

“Ann is clear, focused, and speaks with tons of authority, but also with openness. She zooms in on important issues and steers the conversation to the essence without making people feel cut off. As a result, we tackled thorny issues, made important decisions, and developed an excellent strategic plan. I can definitely recommend Ann. I just wish I had access to her insights all of the time!”

– Catherine Peterson, Executive Director, ArtsBoston

Or that I also help my clients create organizational clarity that leads to better results, greater commitment, and increased productivity?

“Ann hit another home run. We wanted to close gaps in roles and responsibilities, reduce confusion, and improve efficiencies and alignment. We tackled more thorny issues and created more clarity than I ever thought possible. In some cases, we were able to implement new processes same day. I’ve worked with Ann before. When I need pragmatic changes that will stick, I call Ann. I know I’m going to get what we need. Whatever she would say about herself, I would say she is too modest. She’s the best.”

– Perry Walraven, President and CEO, Performance Controls, Inc., a Subsidiary of Hitachi Medical Corporation

Well, now you know! And, of course, I am happy to talk with anyone who might be interested in the value I provide.

But enough of that. Let’s get back to helping you achieve your goals!

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