Your 1st Quarterly Clarity Week

I have a scale that tells me whatrear-view mirror in a car I weighed yesterday. That makes about as much sense as looking at yesterday’s stock market performance to determine what it will do today. Almost as senseless as developing a product that caters to customer needs of yesterday. Not that my weight fluctuates as much as market interests! Are you using your rearview mirror to navigate?

Or maybe my scale is just trying to keep things simple. Since my weight has not changed drastically overnight, why waste energy actually weighing me? Flashing yesterday’s weight saves battery. Kind of like the way your employees react to new senior management mandates.”Let’s wait and see if they are serious about this.” or  “Maybe we can outlast them.”

So I get on the scale while lifting wet bath towels off the towel bar. Or with a load of clean laundry in my arms. Anything heavy enough to fool the scale into thinking I am not me. That produces a legitimate reading. Though of no interest to anyone.

Of course, then the real me has to get back on the scale. Another “new” body produces another real reading. Finally, one of interest!

It’s my bandaid process. A work-around. Reminds me of thousands of work-arounds I’ve witnessed both as consultant and employee. Where are you getting on the scale twice to get one reading? What stupid pieces of equipment are you tolerating? What ridiculous requirements and processes are forcing you to take extra steps each day?

Declare a Clarity Week! Your 1st Quarterly Clarity Week!

The goal of this week will be to see how many rearview mirrors, inefficient machines, process work-arounds, and questionable mandates your employees can identify, and, whenever possible, remove. The target: any action that is not looking forward and following the shortest path to a clearly desired outcome. If you and your employees spend a week watching for and talking about inefficiencies you will accomplish three things.

  1. You will uncover, and possibly resolve, lots of opportunities for improvement.
  2. You will raise awareness about the prevalence and cost of inefficiencies.
  3. You will make it clear that your company is serious about removing them, particularly those that make life harder for employees.

Watch this space for focal points of future Clarity Weeks! I’ve got lots of ideas, many of which will surprise you!


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